Ifantis - Talaxanikamas

Ifantis brings something new for our everyday menu.

For more than 30 years Ifantis is beside us

      with the vision always to offer the best

      with a philosophy of respecting the consumer

      with care for taste

      with a passion for quality

Ifantis  enters in  a new category of frozen products after long  study and research. This category is the frozen vegetables.

Ifantis’ experienced and qualified personnel control every stage of production.

They can ensure  that the harvest is at its best level of maturity and they carry out intensive audits in order to offer us the best quality. And all this with the most stringent certifications that  guarantees the best, and the purest that nature gives.

Then, the freshly cut vegetables are packaged immediately according  to the strictest standards so as to maintain all their nutrients and the taste in the  most natural way

Ifantis. Our vegetables.
Fresh, delicious, nutritious.